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Tuscany Bikepacking

Tuscany Bikepacking, the video of the last part of our 2000Km bike tour with mountain bikes from Calais (France) to Rome (Italy). wins 2nd place in the International Garden Photographer of the year 2018 Award

The 2nd place in the International Garden Photographer of the year 2018 Award

The first participation in a photo competition, and immediately the 2nd place made, fills us with a certain joy, because I would not have expected to be right at the front with it. During a visit in the gardens of castle Trauttmansdorff Annette discovered the invitation to the photo competition International Garden Photographer of the Year 2018 and persuaded me to participate. Topic: The Spirit of Trauttmansdorff gardens.

I didn’t want to participate, but was persuaded.

The photographer needs good light, so we went back a few days later in the afternoon and tried to catch the spirit, obviously it worked.

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3 Days in Paris, the top 10 places in 2 minutes. Must see!

With the Sony Alpha 7R 3 to the Gertelbach Waterfalls in the Bühlertal Valley

A fun project I always wanted to do, a video shot in slow motion:

New video about the Via Francigena mountain bike pilgrimage to Rome

Section 2 of our pilgrimage to Rome on mountain bikes is available

New Video: Camino del Norte, the last section of our 2500Km/6 years trip

New article/new video online

Stage 2 & 3 of the german translation online

The next 2 stages of the german translation “Auf dem Jakobsweg mit dem Mountainbike” are online:

Stage 2

Stage 3


German translation started

The german version of Travel-Video.Photos is ongoing.

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Stage 4 of the mountain bike the Camino is there

Here you can find the latest stage of the Camino quest:

Stage 4 (Via Gebennensis/Podiensis) Chavanay – Aumont Aubrac