Stage 1 (Via Jacobi) Constance – Stans – Mountain bike the Camino Santiago

June 2012, Constance (German/Switzerland border). The quest starts.

About 2500 Km to cycle on the Camino to Santiago.

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Day 1. We park the car on the German side of the border, but near the main station there are no parkings left. Finally we are some Km off the center. Short a photo of the street name (to find the car again in a week…) and off we go. This stage is only a short 3 days 150 Km tour, served with some nice Switzerland mountains in between.

Signpost on the Camino 2300 km to Santiago

Signpost on the Camino 2300 km to Santiago

Forest, farmland and some hills. Typical Switzerland countryside. Nice.

The first accommodation is planned at the Hörnli pass on 1100m after about 50 Km and a steep slope, but both locations are closed.

On the Hörnli pass 1100m

On the Hörnli pass 1100m

Since it’s quite late, we shortcut partially on the street to Rapperswil at the Zurich lake. My smart phone had no Internet at that time to book a hotel for the night, so we had to call around to find something for the night.

Day 2. The next day its rainy, and the Camino climbs challenging from 400m up to 1400. It’s cold up there.

Between Brunni and Schwyz Camino 1400m

Cold and rainy between Brunn and Schwyz at 1400m

If you can cycle, the following downhill to Schwyz is funny where we spent for the night in a small hotel.

Day 3, perfect weather and the way goes down to Brunnen at the lake Lucerne. In the last second we catch the ferry to Treib. There a challenging uphill starts. First on the street, then a track, and later a mtb level 3 trail on the south side of the lake. If you are good, you can cycle it almost. Annette is partially not amused, it is hard for her. But the landscape is great, see below!

South Side-Lucerne lake mtb3 trail

South side Lucerne Lake mtb 3 Trail

By the way, this morning, we met our first hiking pilgrim, a Switzerland lady hiking for some days on the Camino. Other than that, not other pilgrims are on the hike.

South Side-Lucerne lake mtb3 trail

South side Lucerne Lake mtb 3 Trail

After some hours we are back in the civilization and follow the lake to Lucerne where we catch the train back to Constance.

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