Super Trails the best Mtb tours: Stelvio Pass Vinschgau Tibet Trail

The Tibet Trail in the Adige Valley at the Stelvio Pass is one of the mountain bike classics.The variant presented here is extended in the lower third by an extra loop, so the tour becomes a Super Trail! 

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Stelvio Pass, Tibet Trail, Trafoi, Stelvio Bridge, Prad

900 m uphill, 2700 m downhill, 25 Km, about 4 hours, technique : mostly moderate

Stelvio Pass Tibet trail vinschgau mtb panorama

Panoramic view to the Stelvio Pass from the Tibet Trail

It is best to take a mountain bike shuttle to the Stelvio Pass. You can also cycle the tour from Prad up to the Stelvio Pass, but there is some traffic on the Pass road. The fun is limited, but once in a lifetime you can also have done that 🙂.The bike shuttles are not particularly expensive and very well organized.
The Tibet Trail is not allowed between 9am and 4pm for mountain bikers.
Start at the parking lot at the Stelvio Pass at 2700m altitude. On a small asphalt road, pass the Tibet hut and descend down the glacier moraine.Beautiful curves, and a breathtaking panorama!
You have to pass the pass road for a few hundred meters, then the Tibet trail branches off into the forest and becomes even more beautiful.From here, it becomes technical, lots of switchbacks which are mostly good to cycle, if one can transfer the rear wheel.
Below Neuwies, the trail crosses the other side of the creek, before reaching the road below Trafoi.


Tibet Trail

Follow the road down to Stelvio Bridge. Here it climbs again about 150 meters before the sensational trail final starts.


Extra loop after the Tibet Trail, in the background Prad on the Stelvio Pass

Along old waterways and over small bridges down to Prad. Some places are very steep, but well secured by wire ropes.

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