The perfect mountain bike weekend : Lake Garda, Lago di Garda

The Lake Garda area is one of the best mountain bike spots in the world. Endless Mtb tour options. Here my favorites for a perfect weekend.

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Day 1, Malcesine, Monte Baldo, Monte Altissimo, Malcesine

1200 Hm, 2900 Tm, 30Km, about 6 hours, skills: Challenging

Park in Malcesine. Then with the cableway up to the Monte Baldo (1700m). Check the times, they don't carry bikes round the clock!

Ride up to the Monte Altissimo, Bocca Poltrane and partially on the legendary 601 trail downward. Then on an endless downhill to Malcesine again. Starting at the fork of the asphalt way to the Monte Altissimo you will get something like Lake Garda flow :-), especially the downhill, a DREAM.

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Day 2, Lake Idro, Monte Stino, 136 switchback trail

1750 Hm, 1750 Tm, 30Km, about 7 hours, skills: Challenging

Park near Baitoni at the lake. Uphill on gravel/trails to the Bocca Cocca. Stop for a bite to eat in the Refugio Monte Stino. Then the legendary 136 switchback trail down to Vesta. Are there really 136 ...? From Vesta to the north along the lake back to Baitoni. This piece is challenging, but in the meantime there are steel cables mounted at the most dangerous spots. Alternatively ride clockwise around the lake.

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Day 3, Lake Ledro, Bocca di Trat, Bocca Saval

1200 Hm, 1200 Tm, 25Km, about 4 hours, skills: moderate

Park near Mezzolago at the Lake Ledro. At the quayside to Lenzumo and mostly on asphalt to the Bocca di Trat. Stop for a bite to eat in the Rifugio Nino Percini. Then to the Bocca Saval and down on the awesome downhill. Not too challenging and with beautiful views down to the Lake Ledro.

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