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    Gijs August 6, 2015

    Hi, I’m leaving 26 august from Geneva to Le puy and then further on to Lacappelle Marival, following the camino way to Santiago.
    Did you drive following GPS or only map? did you follow only the walking paths or sometimes the main road?
    Hope you can get me some info as how to plan this trip, it’s 650 kms and I’m planning to do it in 7-8days, so I’ll need to take some roads to get there in time.
    Hope you can get me some advice!

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      marcus August 6, 2015

      Hi Gijs,

      we re-start at 22 August in Aumont Aubrac. We make 50km/day, if you are fast enough you will catch us.
      We navigate with gps only, with maps from, and we follow the track only.
      The track is much nicer than the street, but tough to cycle.
      If you want to make it in 7-8 days, you must make 80km/day, this is very hard on the path.

      Enjoy, and maybe we see us!