Lost Places : Maginot Line, Fortification Ouvrage Schoenenbourg

Lost Places : In the fortification Schoenenbourg at the Maginot Line

The fortification Ouvrage Schoenenbourg in the Alsace between Weissenburg and Hagenau is one of a hand full fortifications that is fully repaired and can be visited. The facility is cared and maintained by a handful enthusiast. See website: www.lignemaginot.com For a normal visit, there is no time for high-quality pictures, as a guided tour takes 2-3 hours, and several kilometers and hundreds of rooms can be visited.    

Light railway crossing

Crossing the narrow-gauge railway in the tunnel

We have therefore rented our own very patient guide for this tour. Overall, the photo tour lasted 7 hours! On the tour we were also allowed in areas which are not open for public, we were allowed walk behind the barriers or in normally closed rooms.  
A booby trap in the tunnel

An explosive trap in the tunnel


  The pictures are made with a Nikon D5300 and the Sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4.0. All pictures of the tripod with remote release, ISO 100 in M mode of the camera. The aperture was almost always 8, with the camera / lens combination gives the best picture quality.  

The machine shop, still in use

The workshop is still in use