Lost Places : Maginot Line, Fortification Ouvrage Schoenenbourg

Lost Places : In the fortification Schoenenbourg at the Maginot Line

The fortification Ouvrage Schoenenbourg in the Alsace between Weissenburg and Hagenau is one of a hand full fortifications that is fully repaired and can be visited.

The facility is cared and maintained by a handful enthusiast. See website: www.lignemaginot.com

For a normal visit, there is no time for high-quality pictures, as a guided tour takes 2-3 hours, and several kilometers and hundreds of rooms can be visited.



fort schoenenbourg maginot line tunnel ligth railway crossing

Crossing the narrow-gauge railway in the tunnel


We have therefore rented our own very patient guide for this tour. Overall, the photo tour lasted 7 hours! On the tour we were also allowed in areas which are not open for public, we were allowed walk behind the barriers or in normally closed rooms.


fort schoenenbourg maginot line booby trap tunnel light railway

An explosive trap in the tunnel


The pictures are made with a Nikon D5300 and the Sigma 17-70mm 2.8-4.0. All pictures of the tripod with remote release, ISO 100 in M mode of the camera. The aperture was almost always 8, with the camera / lens combination gives the best picture quality.


fort schoenenbourg maginot line machine shop

The workshop is still in use



Maginot Schoenenbourg Gallery

the wheel chair is a modern one :-) a booby trap in the tunnel a booby trap in the tunnel light railway crossing railway locomotive power handle light railway locomotive power handle tunnel light railway locomotive tunnel light railway cannon grenades. the biggest one has 1000Kg ammo storage rack grenade ammo storage rack ammo storage grenades ammo storage cannon gear wheel cannon tower mechanic the ammo track system at the ceiling cannon tower lift inside the cannon tower cannon and observation towers stairs light railway crossing light railway crossing water tank the electrical light railway telephone switchboard the telephone switchboard sick room operating room soldier helms showers bedroom of the soldiers typewriter non smoking label spare part storage tunnel light hand wheel of the ventilator system air filter system hand wheel of the ventilator system hand wheel of the ventilator system wrench set manometer at the generator manometer at the generator power plant diesel generator power plant diesel generator power plant diesel generator fuel tank system fuel tank system HDR of the machine shop handwheel fire safety The machine shop, still in use another kitchen for the officers tunnel with railway the kitchen and the mess the kitchen tunnel with electrical light railway Tunnel with electrical light railway Tunnel with light railway Tunnel with light rainway Crane machine gun